Setup your domain to point to our IP so that you can see your site!

Setup your domain to connect to our system!

1. Check your site is on our system! You can do this by logging into our client control panel and checking the domain is registered on there. Or you can check by viewing the full list of domains on our system at status.unreal-designs.co.uk

If your site isn't listed this guide won't help you! If you are expecting your site to be with us and it isn't, contact us below!

2. Log on to your Control Panel from your domain provider

3. Select DNS (or similar)

4. Select to add an 'A' record (forwarding to another IP)

5. Set 'host' (or similar) to 'www' and set the IP (or similar) to ''

6. Save the 'A' record and apply it

7. Repeat the steps for creating the 'A' record, but with the 'host' blank (or '@')

8. Repeat the 'A' record steps for any other subdomains ('host's) that are hosted on our system.

9. Make sure to apply the settings, then wait. (DNS Records can take upto 48hrs to apply fully)

If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact our hosting team!

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