Get a discount off a great site just by having your server on PMC or MCS!

Unreal Designs Minecraft Discount

We believe that all servers, big or small should have a website, and therefore have a greater chance of becoming popular. So we created this deal, allowing everyone the chance to get a site! Every week, we go to PlanetMinecraft & MinecraftServers.org and look at some of the newest servers, join them and offer the Owner a cheap forum based website which can help them to grow...

When creating these sites, we use the great Xenforo forum software, which provides a great user experience and better admin control compared to other cheaper options such as Enjin. Our forum themes are all custom hand made for each site, so your design will be unique to you. We also can create a custom BuyCraft store theme for you as well, increasing your server donations!

Code: MCSD2021
Get upto £45 off & 6 months free hosting!

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Let your creative juices flow when describing what eye catching information and styles you want on your design as our designers recommend the best possible design.


We will specially tailor the idea that you creativly present into a masterpiece that you will love. We can change anything that you request from the color to the entire design.


Depending on the idea the price will be specially fitted to your design to ensure that you don't over pay. This will be the price that will be agreed on before purchase.


Once you have fallen in love with your new creative design you will recieve all accossiated files such as the .png files or .html files. Now you can use your design to promote you.

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