Unreal Designs Order Charges

For website designs, graphic designs and other related services (in relation to the Order Terms and Conditions)
All payments through PayPal have a 3.4% + 20p (GBP) fee added. This will show in the invoice of the payment.


Domain Change - £10
AUP Breakage - £5 - £20
Site Reactivation - £25

Hosting Cost - £3.50 Monthly
Domain Mail Service - £3.50 Monthly
Backend Python Scripts - £2.50 Monthly
Additional Support Fee - £5.00 Monthly  (For XF 1.4.3 installations and other sites requiring custom support)


Branding Removal - £10 (Per site. Not available for Buycraft themes.)
Removal Penalty - £15


License (1 Extra Site) - £15
Additional Site - £5


Expiry Grace Fee - £80


Site File Transfer - £10
Site Database Transfer - £20
External File Check & Setup - £20
External Database Import & Setup - £35
(These external setups do not include the install of any prerequisites such as database software or web hosting software)

Cancellation & Refunds

Before completion of design - No Refund
After completion of design - 30 day 80% money back guarantee.
(Cannot be claimed if refund was requested before completion. 80% original order cost, excluding additional charges, once used for 10 days & proof of destruction for any external files given)
Hosting - Fully outstanding months of payment will be refunded once cancellation notice has been given.
Please note that we reserve the right not to refund any payments if we deem it necessary.

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